Chromatography Consumables & Columns

Chromatography Consumables & Columns For More Than 50 Years.



For More Than 50 Years

Waters is committed to the development, production, and manufacture of innovative chromatographic consumable products that solve today’s most difficult challenges and enable your success. We are driven by our core mission: to provide enabling technologies in products that set the industry standard for performance, reproducibility, and quality. Waters consumable products are manufactured by our world-class manufacturing organization and are supported by our highly-skilled sales and support teams located in 54 offices around the world. The result of our dedication to innovation, quality, and support is the assurance that the methods that you develop and produce today will provide the same repeatable, high-quality results, year after year.

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Waters supplies a full selection of UPLC, UHPLC, UPC2, SFC, GPC, SEC and other columns for all methods development, validation, and transfer needs

Sample Preparation Products
Proven sample preparation tools for your LC/MS and GC/MS analysis.

Analytical Standards and Reagents
Line of certified reference materials, standards, controls and reagents specifically designed to complement LC and LC/MS technologies. Save time and gain confidence in your analyses.

Vials, Plates, and Certified Containers
Leading manufacturer of quality accessories for sample analysis. Work with confidence using a broad range of vials, plates and certified containers.

Waters offers Total Solutions Kits for a wide variety of compounds and markets. These kits include a selection of components that have been verified to work together to provide the best results possible.

Laboratory Filters
Achieve your regulatory and quality objectives using the wide range of Pall Life Sciences filtration products, Certified for Compliance.