ACQUITY Arc System

HPLC and UHPLC method compatibility at the flip of a switch


HPLC and UHPLC method compatibility at the flip of a switch

The ACQUITY Arc System is a quaternary-based, modern LC system for scientists working with established methods who are looking for the versatility and robustness required to bridge the gap between HPLC and UPLC while continuing to support validated assays.
  • True plug-and-play method compatibility and the ability to switch between HPLC and UHPLC separations at the flip of a switch with Arc Multi-flow path Technology
  • Get mass detection, without changing the way you work, with the ACQUITY QDa Detector
  • Deploy the benefits of 2.x μm particle columns to boost the chromatographic performance of your methods
  • On-demand mobile phase creation with Auto●Blend Plus Technology, eliminating the cumbersome and error-prone approach of manual preparation

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Features and Benefits
  • Quaternary solvent blending. Blend up to four solvents in any combination or proportion. Expand to up to nine solvent choices witACQUITY Arc Systemh the optional and integrated solvent-select valve for even greater flexibility.
  • Plug-and-play method compatibility with HPLC or UHPLC with the flip of a switch. Easily replicate or improve established methods by simply selecting Path 1 (HPLC) or Path 2 (UHPLC) without any manual user intervention. Automatically counteract differences in system dwell volume without the need to alter gradient table inputs.
  • Minimize carryover (<0.002%) by continuously cleansing the needle during the run with an advanced flow-through-needle design.
  • Flexible column management, providing stable, uniform temperature management with integrated pre-heating options to ensure method repeatability from lab to lab. Optional and integrated column selection valve provide fast, unattended column changeover.
  • Directly program gradients in units of pH and ionic strength with Auto●Blend Plus Technology, providing the ability to vary composition in even the smallest increments of pH. This eliminates the cumbersome and error-prone approach of manually preparing mobile phase solutions.
  • Ensure method repeatability from lab to lab with column heater and column heater/cooler options.
  • Maximize HPLC and UHPLC performance with a full line of optical detection options.
  • Push-button mass detection with the ACQUITY QDa Detector.
  • Compliance-ready. Qualification of laboratory instrumentation is an integral part of compliance with regulatory and quality standards such as GMP, GLP, ISO 17025, USP , and others.  The ACQUITY Arc System supports Waters Empower based automated system qualification tool (SQT), which minimizes the time and cost associated with annual qualification.
  • Supported in both Empower and MassLynx Software