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Converting scientific data into useful information.

Converting scientific data into useful information
Waters Laboratory Informatics Software provides a powerful suite of solutions for instrument control, scientific data management, scientific search, network integration, and compliance management to streamline analytical laboratory operations.

Our Informatics solutions have helped leading pharmaceutical, environmental, food & beverage, and chemical materials organizations reduce costs, accelerate decision making, improve laboratory effectiveness, and get products to market faster.

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Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software
Controls even more LC and GC instruments, and includes integrated applications such as dissolution, method validation, chemical structures, and polymer analysis. Provides key chromatography performance dashboards and access from a tablet or smartphone.

MassLynx Mass Spectrometry Software
Software for MS and MS/MS analysis. Easy-to-use instrument controls and software features simplify interaction with your MS system and improve laboratory productivity.

NuGenesis Lab Management System
A comprehensive data management and workflow solution that supports the entire product lifecycle from discovery through manufacturing.

Paradigm Scientific Search Software
Waters Paradigm Scientific Search Software provides a powerful solution for enterprise-wide scientific information search.

Progenesis QI Software
The next generation in LS/MS data analysis. Accurately quantify, identify, and confidently analyze complex LC-MS data supporting ‘omics research. Generate reliable results that are reproducible across labs.
UNIFI Scientific Information System is Waters’ next generation informatics platform and the first software solution to merge LC and high performance MS, data management, and laboratory workflow into one single solution.

UNIFI Scientific Information System
Waters UNIFI Scientific Information System is the first software platform to merge LC and high performance MS data into a single solution.
Software Partners

Waters Laboratory Informatics Partnerships include experienced software, services, and technology companies selected for their expertise in systems integration, hardware, software development, and other critical services.