Xevo TQ-S micro

High Performance from a Compact Design with Rapid, Reliable and Reproducible Quantitative Data


High Performance from a Compact Design with Rapid, Reliable and Reproducible Quantitative Data

Revolutionary design has produced a tandem quadrupole instrument with a small footprint that delivers consistent low levels of quantitation with a wide dynamic range.

  • Robust performance enabling reproducible detection of analytes at low levels in complex matrices
  • Confidently quantify more analytes using high acquisition rates
  • Accessible sensitivity and method transfer with the Xtended Dynamic Range (XDRTM) detector
  • Understand sample complexity and improve method development with RADARTM

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ravencontentblock1Robust performance from a compact design
Robust performance begins in the source with ZSprayTM geometry, efficiently removing neutral molecules while drawing ions through the sample cone into the analyzer. The StepWaveTM ion guide in the Xevo® TQ-S micro is designed to cope with the challenges in the modern laboratory that are produced by high sample throughput and difficult matrices.

Neutrals and gas load are passively removed for enhanced transmission with the ions actively transferred into the mass analyzer, improving sensitivity and robustness. All this is achieved while maintaining an extremely small footprint due to the class-leading compact design of the Xevo TQ-S micro.


ravencontentblck2Confidently quantify more analytes in a single injection
Xccelerated Ion Transfer (XITTM) electronics, using SpaceWire technology allow this instrument to acquire data at high speeds without compromising performance. The next generation T-WaveTM collision cell permits acquisition of 500 MRM channels/s whilst minimizing cross-talk and maintaining intensity. The increased MS full scan speed capability of up to 20,000 Da/s reduces the impact on the duty cycle when rapidly switching between MS full scan and MS/MS acquisition (RADAR and PICs).

In addition, fast polarity switching gives coverage of positive and negative ionizing compounds in a single injection. Maintaining performance at these speeds is critical as every lab requires high quality data that is reproducible to enable reliable quantitation. Method transfer is now even easier with the advanced XDR detector which provides unique Xtended Dynamic Range improving usability with low limits of detection.


ravencontentblck3Understanding sample complexity
Some challenges for quantitative methods are:

Calculating compound concentrations in addition to the detection of unexpected contaminants.
Characterization of the background matrix for every sample, increasing data quality.
Detection of analytes that are not in a targeted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) screening method.
Improving method development by discovering more matrix components.
These challenges may be overcome by using RADAR which is the ability to obtain full scan (MS) and MRM (MS/MS) data simultaneously.

Product Ion Confirmation scanning (PICS) allows you to have full confidence in your results. Activated by a single check box in the method editor, PICS automatically triggers a product ion scan when a peak is detected by MRM.


raven4Informatics and software to suit every application
Easy to use, even with minimal experience
A user-friendly interface is provided by IntelliStartTM software which automates routine tasks and reduces the burden of complicated operation.

Simple, integrated method databases
The QUANPEDIATM database manages and optimizes quantitative LC/MS/MS method information, including automatic scheduling of MRMs.

Instant critical QC information delivery
Automated real-time QC checking with QCMonitor ensures that valuable samples are not wasted.

Comprehensive data processing with uncomplicated results review
In addition to streamlined quantitative data review and reporting, TargetLynx XSTM now provides the ability to perform standard addition to accurately calculate analyte concentrations in complex samples despite extreme matrix variability.

Confidence in your system performance
Monitoring QC and sample results over time is easy with TrendPlot which has simple graphical displays to enable quick decision making, allowing faster results delivery to the customer.


xevo_source_web_900pxIon source flexibility comes as standard
Universal ion source architecture ensures coverage of every application, with unlimited potential. The Xevo range of mass spectrometers all have multiple ion source options which are interchangeable in minutes and provide optimal ionization for each function required in the laboratory. The Xevo TQ-S micro may be used with ESI, ESCI, APCI, APPI, APGC, ASAP, nanoflow ESI, and ionKeyTM and is also compatible with DESI (Prosolia), DART (IonSense) and LDTD (Phytronix) ion sources.